Our Products

Supreme Chemical Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of phthalocyanine pigments and additives in India. We cater to both domestic and global market with our footsteps into exports as well. Our products are suitable for coatings, inks, paints, plastics and textile applications.

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Our products include

  • SUPRPLUS Alpha Blue 15:0
  • SUPRPLUS Alpha Blue 15:1
  • SUPRPLUS Alpha Blue 15:2
  • SUPRPLUS Beta Blue 15:3
  • SUPRPLUS Beta Blue 15:4
  • SUPRPLUS Phthalamide CPC Blue Additive
  • SUPRPLUS Mono Sulphonated CPC Blue Additive
  • SUPRPLUS Sulphonated Blue-79
  • SUPRPLUS Activated CPC Blue