About Supreme

Supreme Chemical Industries, a chemical manufacturing unit of Supreme Group is dedicated to the manufacturing of Pigment Beta Blue along with other pigments and pigment additives adhering to world class standards.

The affliates of Supreme Group provides technical services in the field of Environment, Health & Safety for the past 15 years and thus as a group Supreme family stands out as a complete industrial solution provider in various diversified areas under one roof.

In 2000, Supreme Group in common had set important goals to improve our environment, health and safety performance and today we are recognized for our achievements with the success of 'Supreme Associates' and 'Supreme Envirocare' providing safety related services and environment related services respectively.

We have set the bar even higher with the introduction of a more ambitious, next-generation set of goals.

Supreme Group is driven by these goals in achieving progress in every field it is involved

  • Product of Theoretical Standard
  • Manufacturing Process adhering to HSE
  • Quantify emissions and their impacts.
  • Accelerate the transition to carbon-neutral, environmentally benign energy systems.
  • Research & Innovation
  • Education & Awareness