Our Expertise

With the development of new process and technology, the size of the industry has become bigger and bigger with several operating parameters and handling of hazardous chemicals. However, when comparing with the past, nowadays industry gives more & more stress on safety and environment protection. Supreme Associates provides services in the field of Industrial Safety as well as other audit services required by the factory act


  • Competent person recognized under factory acts
  • Inspection of Hoist and Lifts and Certification in Form No:09 (Section 28/Rule 58)
  • Inspection of Lifting Tools and Tackles Certification in Form No:1O (Section 29/Rule60)
  • Inspection, external & Internal examination & hydraulic testing of pressurevessels/plants and Certification in Form No:11 (Section 31/Rule 61)
  • Ultrasonic thickness Testing & UT Test of different equipments with certification
  • Inspection for Safety against rotating/moving machinery, power presses, Centrifugal Machines, Dangerous Machines and Certification (Section 21/Rule 54)
  • Precaution against Dangerous Fumes, gases etc. inspection and Certification for entering in Chamber, Tank, Pit, Flue, Toxic Vessel/tank, Confined space etc.(Section 36/Rule 64)
  • Thermic Fluid Heater (Section 41/Rule 68 D)
  • Provision for Inspection of hazardous process, Ovens/Dryers etc. (Section 41 / Rule 68 G)
  • Inspection of Dust/Fume, Extraction/Ventilation System, Dangerous Process, exposure of workman etc. and certification in Form No:26A (Section 8 7/Rule 102)
  • Inspection, testing and Certification of Plant Structures and Buildings and issuing of Stability Certificate in Form No:1A (Section 6/Rule 3)
  • Preparation of Drawing & Approval from Director of Industrial Safety & Health
  • Fire Load Calculation
  • Preparation of MSDS & Schedule VII
  • Ship Naked Light & Confined space Certificate (Section 41 / Rule 68 H)
  • Noise level & Illumination level certificate.


  • Safety Audit
  • Energy Audit
  • Risk Assessment
  • Safety Report
  • Safety Survey
  • Emergency Planning - onsite / offsite


  • Yearly testing and certification of Safety Valves (RULE 18)
  • Inspection and Certification of Petroleum Tanks under Rule 126
  • Inspection of Hazardous storage installation & issuing of safety certificate under Rule 130
  • Certification of Petroleum Road Tankers under Rule 143 and 148
  • Periodical NDT Testing and Hydro Testing
  • Certification of Pressure Vessels and Bullets(Other than Horton Spheres) (RULE 19)
  • Certification of Safety For storage of Installation of Liquefied Compressed Gases (RULE 33)
  • Explosive License: Petroleum Class - A/B/C


  • Lift inspection under Gujarat lifts and escalator Rules, 2001
  • Calibration and stamping of storage tanks under the weights and measurements act 1985
  • Calibration and certification of Instruments to comply with ISO:9001 requirements
  • Valuation of Plant, Machinery & Building
  • Government registered and approved valuer & chartered Engineer/professional Engineer
  • Methanol, Ethanol and other solvents License
  • S.S.I Certificate, I.S.I. Certificate and ISO:9000/14001/ 18001 Certification
  • Training Program for Process operation
  • Environment, Health and Safety Project Consultancy


  • Environment Audit under the standards and regulations of Gujarat Pollution Control Board
  • G.P.C.B approved testing for air/water/solid/noise/chemical/petroleum products
  • License of Hazardous Wastes from Ministry of Environment & Forest (Delhi)
  • Designing of ETP, APCS, EIA, DMP, EMP
  • Air pollution monitoring (Stack monitoring) & control
  • Zero discharge system for Industrial effluents
  • Reverse osmosis system.
  • Multi effect evaporator with thermo compressor
  • Incinerator with heat recovery
  • Caustic recovery system & crystallizers for salt recovery
  • Standardized & cost saving guidance for ETP
  • NOC certificate